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Glacier National Park


The great travel continues. Leaving Friday 8/10, I will be on my two week road trip heading to Colorado and Montana. I will post pictures and updates of my second experience at Glacier National Park and other endeavors.

I unconditionally love english bulldogs, his name is Romeo.

Anybody who subscribes to the notion that sexism only pertains to females is blindly being ignorant.

"no hopes, no dreams, no reason to breathe"

- The Carrier

My daily go to, slick living.

"I’ve stated recently that existence is voluntary, but simply being is not a fault of our own. Existence takes on different meaning for different people. There are many questions to ask. Are you cognitively aware? Life must exist as an understanding of our surroundings, which is how value is truly achieved. Are you present in the now? Life is never truly experienced in a passive way. The word resonate is profound in the sense that it applies energy and reoccurring motion."

- James David Burka

Morning train, Newark

"The world we live in is mutually beneficial. Remarkably, neither people nor society will survive without the human dimension. The young mind is relatively plastic at a young age. Its ability to compensate, localize, and remain efficient even after damage is astounding. The mind’s workings serve as a metaphor towards the ebb and flow that society has on the development of cognition and personality. The brain itself is innocent. Our experience, norms, and conceptions guide our thoughts. Learning is active and centered on personal relevance. As humans, we thrive on information that is essential to our wellbeing and survival.
As Gestalt psychology would mention, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The summation of learned cognition is the greatest experience. Survival is the function of the active learning process, which is of the highest relevance to the human race. Our ability to adapt is a testament to the plasticity that is human cognition and how it aides our lives."

- James David Burka